Dryer Vent Cleaning

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The United States consumer products safety commission estimates that 15,000 house and dryer fires could have been prevented with affordable easy dryer vent cleaning.

At Bridgetown Chimney and Masonry our dryer vent cleanings and sweeps remove all excess lint buildup in your duct work.  Having lint buildup in your duct work can be a fire hazard as well as shorten the life of the dryer.  If the air flow is minimal in the duct it can extend your drying times by more than three-times.  If it seems that your dry times are taking way to long dry or your don’t when the last time it was checked, be sure to check it yourself or have one of are experienced tech’s come take a look.

We also do dryer vent re-routing.  When the tech comes to inspect and clean a dryer vent, they also check the shape of the existing duct work.   90% of the time everything is fine but sometimes builders do weird things like draft duck work in to the crawl space, an interior wall, or even run it right up to the ceiling then roof right over it.  We’ve seen it all.

We fill our process of cleaning dryer vents is the best in the industry and will show you the whole process step by step.

Dryer vent cleaning