When we first moved into our home I was excited to try out the two fireplaces, one upstairs and another in the daylit basement. The one upstairs worked fine, except that smoke would make its way downstairs. Even worse, the fireplace downstairs did not draw any smoke out at all. I had to extinguish it with a bucket of water the first time we attempted to light a fire in it. :( I decided to purchase an antique wood stove and asked David, fom Bridge Town Chimney & Masonry, to see what he could do about inserting it into our downstairs fireplace. He expertly cut the tile, brick an angle bar out to fit the wood stove in – it looks fantastic and works very well. He instereted a liner and proper insullation so that both fireplaces work well, even with our poorly made chimney. David and Ian did even more – refering me to a glass shop for the wood stove door, regrouting the chimney stack and some of the loose bricks around our raised flower beds. Truly a great guy and an excellent company. Thanks Dave!

David did an excellent job, was very professional, and respectful. He was on time, the job was done quickly and with quality, and the price was very reasonable. He used drop cloths, removed his shoes, etc, so everything was very clean. I would definitely recommend his work.

EXCELLENT!!! Courteous, prompt, reasonably priced, thorough!!! Stop sending your business to huge companies and give a small business a chance!!! Left me with a quote for further repairs, and I will DEFINITELY use him again.

We had Bridgetown Chimney clean our chimney and they did a fantastic job! They were clean, respectable, and timely. The owner quoted a price and a time and stuck to both. They were knowledgeable and gave us good advice for future maintenance of our chimney. We highly recommend these guys! Julia Edge + Jason Seale
"Julia Edge"

The crew at Bridgetown Chimney is the best. During the estimate, David took the time to get up close and inspect everything. He explained his recommendations and answered all my questions. Some of the other companies barely looked at anything and rushed through the estimate. Bridgetown was honest and accurate about what I needed. My chimney clearly needed to be rebuilt above the roofline (I knew this before I started getting quotes) yet only two of the six estimates I got recognized that. Bridgetown did more work for less money than other companies. The rebuild on top and tuckpointing below is quality work and looks amazing with the new cap and cover. Best of all was their customer service. David and the crew working on my chimney were all very friendly and respectful while working in a crowded location. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of chimney repair.
"Dustin Ives"

David and team did an excellent job refinishing out chimney. We had almost no grout left in the top have. We received a few quotes and they were about in the middle.

On time, cleaned up worksite, reasonable cost. Very pleased and I don’t have to worry about my chimney for the rest of my life!

"Matthew L."

Bridgetown Chimney is definitely where you need to go for your Portland-area chimney needs. Bridgetown Chimney consists of David and his small staff of quality masons. They do high quality work, are the best price in town, and are a pleasure to work with.

Backstory: I bought a house in NE with a 70 year old chimney that was falling apart. Portland Chimney quoted me $2700 to do a complete rebuild of the chimney. I called David and he said we only need to do a tuck-point (grind out the old mortar and replace it with new). A 3rd bid also recommended a tuck point but at a higher price. Most of the reviews here for Bridgetown were short and not entirely helpful, but I trusted my instincts and went with David to do the repair.

For $1400, I was able to completely redo the outer chimney, put a cap on it (there was none there before), put in a new damper (cause rain had rusted the old one), he fixed some cracks in the firebox, and gave it a nice acid wash to protect and clean.

The damper had not arrived when they fixed the chimney, but he was very flexible and came the same day it arrived to install and finish the project.

These are great guys to work with and will recommend them to anyone needing chimney cleaning or repair work. He made sure I understood how the damper worked and how it was installed. If he doesn’t return your phone calls immediately, it’s probably because he’s up to his elbows in soot and will get to you when he can. They are definitely trustworthy and I hope all my future home repairs will go as smooth.

"Bradford D."