Chimney Services


Chimney Cleaning Services:

At Bridetown Chimney and Masonry we have been cleaning and sweeping chimneys for years.  We have mastered a way of cleaning your flue and fireplace so that no creosote or debris gets into your home.  We use the best vacuum’s in the industry and have the option of over 30 different style chimney brushes to choose from.  If you have ashes in the firebox we will get rid of those as well and also clean the glass of your fireplace or insert doors.  No shortcuts!  We explain the whole process!

Multi unit apartment chimney and dryer vent cleaning:

We offer great rates for property management company’s, apartment and privately owed condo’s.

Bridgertown Chimney’s Mason’s:

Mason Bridge Town Chimney & Masonry 503-754-8500
Laying brick is what we enjoy.  We’ve got the experience and take pride and giving you a finished product that you will like and that will last.  Building and repairing chimneys for over 30 years!

Fireplace tools and accessories:

Tools Bridge Town Chimney & Masonry 503-754-8500
If your in need of firebrick, screen doors, glass doors, tool sets, fireplace grates, chimney caps, wind directional caps, new dampers, smoke guards or heat reflectors give us a call and we can talk about what’s out there.

Chimney Repair:

Chimney Repair Bridge Town Chimney & Masonry 503-754-8500
A lot of the calls we get or due to people getting smoke in the house when they use there fireplace.  A lot of times this can be fixed with a chimney cleaning.  Sometimes it involves other things such as cracks in the flue liner, smoke shelve or firebox.  Not have a liner at all can cause smoke to dwell because of the smoke not having a solid enough of a flue to draft upward.  We know you probably already know this but make sure the damper is open!  J  There are around 15 reasons why it could possibly be not drafting well and that’s why we give free repair estimates for your chimney so you can compare and make a decision from there, no pressure.  You can also give us a call and talk about it.

Flue Liners:

Flue Liners Bridge Town Chimney & Masonry 503-754-8500
Builders started lining chimneys in the mid to late 1950’s, before that the chimneys were just brick lined..  This was fine back then for the most part but now that those chimneys are so old, they have been put to use and should be inspected for  cracked or missing flue tiles, deteriorating brick or mortar, excessive or glazed creosote or whole in the joints witch could lead to a chimney fire.  As of today all new chimneys or installed woodstoves and inserts need to be lined with either terracotta, stainless or galvanized steel.  Bridgetown chimney and masonry does all this work and gives free estimates on any chimney liner job.  We personally recommend you go with a stainless steel liner kit because they are warranted for life.


Firewood Bridge Town Chimney & Masonry 503-754-8500
We can recommend someone good for you to get firewood from for  your chimney depending on what area you live in.