Air Duct Cleaning

An air duct system must be cleaned for many reasons. Reasons can include reducing the possibility of a home fire, efficiency, but most of all knowing that your breathing fresh air. A dirty air duct system leads to a horrible efficiency from the air conditioning and heating units, filters should get changed as well. Not only does cleaning your air duct cleaning lower energy costs, it is able to rid the home of allergy causing agents.

You breathe cleaner and healthier air as well as eliminate musty odors.

Five of the most common Allergens hiding in your air ducts are

  • Dust mites
  • Pollens
  • Mold
  • Animal Hair
  • Pest Droppings

Dirty air ducts can a scary sight. Dust, hair, mildew, soot and more collects on air duct surfaces and builds up into the crevices of your once brand-new ducts. Where does it all end up? It contaminants your air ducts and blows it though the house.

A Dirty air duct system happens gradually over time. Small particles get sucked into the HVAC System overtime when the furnace gets turned on. Microorganisms and pollutants stick to the duct as others get re-circulated back into the air. Call Bridgetown Chimney to have a tech come out and take look. We will inspect the air ducts and perform an official estimate.

Other services include:

Air duct cleaning
Furnace cleaning
Duct sealing
Reroute vent piping
Dryer vent cleaning
Mold and bacterial treatment